We’ve turned 80 and have never lost the thread!

Behind a new and definitely innovative project, like Natyoural is, there is the story of a family, of a city and a great passion which has lasted for over 80 years.

In 1936 Maglificio Po was born, working exclusively with natural and high-quality fibres, they presented knitwear collections to be worn on skin for men and women.

Since then, each step of the production process, from the yarn to the finished product, has been carried out in the company plant. Each creation is the epitome of quality, creativity and professionalism exclusively and entirely Made in Italy.

The choice to use only the most excellent and precious natural fibres has always been the mission of the company that has made of circular knitting machines of ancient tradition its cornerstone. The lengthy and painstaking production process enhances the characteristics of the yarn and, at the same time, gives the knitted fabric the perfect balance between softness and elasticity.

It is the famous slow production of the Maglificio Po that will take it to be voted for many consecutive years by the most prestigious underwear shops as the best brand of underwear knitting in Italy, France, Russia and many other countries.

In 2016 Natyoural was launched as a collection of knitwear characterized by its own stylistic identity and founded on the same cornerstones of the company (Italian spirit, Made in Italy, Natural character).


When experience meets passion

Natyoural is a product of excellence, 100% Made in Italy and, most importantly, totally natural. A clothing brand that fulfills and enhances itself with a few lingerie items, perfectly matching the colours and fabrics of the knitwear collections. A project that rises from the company’s huge expertise in the selection and knitting of natural fibres and from the passion and high specialisation of a stylist such as Giorgio Spina, who has collaborated with some of the most important Italian and worldwide renowned fashion companies.

Two different, complementary ingredients for a naturally innovative project.


Leave the unnecessary and be enfolded by Nature

The fibres, the colours, the nature’s shapes. A sophisticated, exquisite modern style, at the same time essential and devoted in instilling quality in any detail, by using innovative and absolutely natural fibres and fabrics, sometimes dyed in imperfect, unique colours realized by herbal infusions. Contrasts made by matching different colours, fabrics or fibres in one single item. Knitwears to be worn on the skin in multiple layers where underwear and clothing – made by the same natural yarns – chase and complete each other, giving birth to a brand-new proposal, distinguished by comfort, sophistication and great personality.

Collections to show, to wear and most of all to touch, with the only aim to feel the warm embrace of Nature on your skin.


Commitment to sustainable production

Natyoural is committed to respect the ecosystem and the surrounding community and environment, using only natural fibres or fibres of natural origin and investing to reduce the environmental impact of its production chain, favouring cooperation with companies that guarantee:

  1. Environmental and ethical certification for the products (materials and accessories) and services (dying process, finishing) supplied;
  2. Environmental characteristics and performance of raw materials (recyclability and/or reclamation, biodegradability) to ensure maximum environmental sustainability throughout the products’ life-cycle;
  3. Performance and suitability of materials, by selecting the best Italian and European suppliers;
  4. Lowest environmental impact of transport. Wherever possible, Natyoural prefers to rely on suppliers located as close as possible to the plant.

Each Natyoural item stands for unconditional respect of the principle of doing business ethically by means of law compliance and consumer, co-workers, employers and nature absolute respect.