I. 100% Made in Italy, from the yarn to the finished garment.
II. Use of natural fibers or of natural origin to protect the health of the wearer and completely recyclable. Use of raw materials with environmental certification or health protection (OEKO TEX. GOTS ...)
III. Suppliers of raw materials only Italian and, where not possible, European (France, Switzerland, Turkey) Production of quality garments that last over time and do not become waste in the short term
IV. Respect for the person of the worker and the local community (no relocation of production)
V. Production with reduced environmental impact, using only renewable energy (ENEL GREEN POWER), sustainable packaging (recyclable and absorbing CO2 instead of producing it), recycled paper.

Each Natyoural item stands for unconditional respect of the principle of doing business ethically by means of law compliance and consumer, co-workers, employers and nature absolute respect.